Thursday, 25 March 2010


for the moment i'm looking at contrasts in architectural styles, like the Victorian redbrick houses of Hampstead and Maida Vale versus the brutalist (social housing) estates of Robin Hood Gardens, Trellick Tower and the soon to be demolished Elephant & Castle Heygate Estate
i hope to capture some of what it might feel like to live in these very different types of buildings and using elements of the two (which are generally either loved or loathed) combine them to create a more balanced type of housing for everybody


Harry Williams said...

hey, i really like your detailed drawings. whats the drawing to the left of this one it looks really interesting with all the colours!
Also if you were looking at social housing there was a interesting bit on the culture show about Adelaide Wharf in Hackney.

drawn by b said...

thanks! the one to the left was a photomontage of lots of tower blocks mixed with the house i drew, i'll be posting more stuff like that soon. and thanks for the info on the Wharf, i'll definitely look into it.

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