Saturday, 28 August 2010

small spaces

went to the V&A exhibition of small scale architecture today. all 7 of the final structures were great in their own way but these wooden ones below were definitely my favourites. each one of the pieces served a different purpose: study, play, performance, meeting place, work, relaxation and contemplation

Monday, 16 August 2010

information is beautiful

since going to the new blood show back in june i've become really interested in infographics. this discussion on newsnight a few nights ago, on the pros and cons of infographics, the old style versus substance debate, got me thinking about what i'd like my final piece/s to look like.

attractive design can make complex information/statistics more accessible to a wider audience but the problem with a lot of infographics is although they look very sleek, they don't help their audience identify on a personal level with the facts they are representing, which is a shame i think. i'm hoping a more illustrative approach might improve this.