Sunday, 25 July 2010


after a while spent researching the budget measures, responses and ifs analysis i have decided the aim of my project is to get across the message that it will be the poorest who will suffer most as a result of the actions taking place to cut the country's deficit.

my work is going to be aimed at people with lower incomes, specifically those who defected from 'the left' at the last election or who don't see a difference between the values of the left and right. it's not a party political thing, more of an educational thing. it really annoys me to see the same people who enjoyed increased public investment, benefits, etc over the last 13 years switch to a completely new set of principles that don't even favour them. i feel people who are not politically aware enough can be too easily bought over by weak (and sometimes false) claims such as:

it's a progressive budget
it's a necessary budget
we're all in this together
if we don't cut the deficit hard and fast we'll end up like Greece
it's what the markets want/need (only economists should be allowed to say this)
we can cut public spending by up to a quarter AND still have quality services

i want to do something that really clarifies for people what this budget is going to mean for them

Thursday, 1 July 2010

new project iii

the emergency budget was announced over a week now but seeing as how the true effects won't be felt for a little while i've decided to illustrate (for the summer project) some of the measures that will be the most damaging