Tuesday, 27 April 2010

basic sketch of what the final brutalist/victorian building is going to look like. it's a cluster of four corner buildings centred around a communal garden which will be kept private by four large gates that join the blocks together. it will have a harsh concrete exterior with an unexpected redbrick internal fa├žade with balconies overlooking the garden. from the outside the building resembles any other concrete block but at a closer glance through the gates the inner beauty of the building and its landscape can be glimpsed

i feel like perhaps i've crammed too many ideas (as usual) into one here but essentially the main aim is to create a private retreat from the restless inner city, just like a victorian terraced garden square and combine it with the positive social concepts behind many brutalist housing estates


Fiona - Pyrochan said...

I think I should start looking at your art the right way round.. it did not look like that to me earlier, now it makes so much more sense XD

b said...

haha! that'd be my bad verbal explanations i make more sense in writing!

HAJiME said...

This drawing is hot.

This is the kind of "development work" you should put in your portfolio.

b said...

will do :)

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