Tuesday, 30 March 2010


my photos of brutalist design robin hood gardens in East London, it really is as ugly as it sounds


blackksheep said...

omg, haha. this really is ugly!
but then again.
im from elephant and castle.
so I shouldnt speak.

drawn by b said...

i was actually going to go to elephant and castle to take pictures of heygate before i went here. coming from croydon i can definitely vouch for some bad south london architecture!

Satthew said...

Ugly but beautiful at the same time.. I've always found this to be true about East London.. But I'm in love with it now.. SO maybe I'm biased.

drawn by b said...

well i suppose East London does need somebody to defend it! i was just really surprised by some of the newer estates and tower blocks they were building because i can see them falling into the same trap of being absolutely hated by the residents in years to come, they just didn't feel like places where people could live.

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